Italy Revisited and the Decisive Moment

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This morning I found a folder full of images that I took in Italy in the spring of 2007.

I’ve been noticing a trend when I analyze my older work, a trend that leads me to believe I took more risks.

Now, when I shoot I find that I’m deliberate, I don’t take many exposures, I don’t shoot to shoot, I shoot because my light, subject and scene are perfectly aligned and there is nothing wrong with that.

But over time I think the perfectionist has killed the photojournalist and the decisive moment.

Truth be told I really like the work that I produce today but maybe the moral of the story is to take more risks, embrace slow shutter speeds, motion blur, shooting from the hip and shaky hand held images in lo-light conditions.

Anything to keep your edge while staying astray from the normal and mundane.

Take risks for without them there are no great rewards.

Maybe this isn’t even about photography?

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