Capture of the Week: Robert Osborn


Upon entering the Osborn Gallery one would be hard pressed to find that the grandiose Large Format Black and White Landscapes and the highly detailed portraiture were predicated on an editorial career in the BMX world stemming from the 70’s and 80’s.

Bob is a native Californian whose eagle landed in southwestern Montana 10 + years ago.

He now resides in Livingston where for the past year he has ran the Osborn Gallery.

Recently he has been producing a succession of images he calls ” the Cowboy Series ” in which he ardently captures environmental portraits of local ranchers, farmers, and cowboys.

His use of light, subject and scene resemble the early work of August Sander who was known for his portraiture of German society during the Pre-Nazi era.

His use of high contrast imagery, subtle details and wide tonal range resemble the work of a modern day Ansel Adams.

Robert Osborn is a multifaceted and highly disciplined artist whose lifes work has become an integral part of local culture.

You can view more of his photography @

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