Capture of the Week: Taylor Glenn


It’s just my biased opinion, but I believe the biggest challenge in reviewing the work of a wedding photographer is looking beyond the banality that is the wedding business.

I think it’s safe to assume that every aspiring photographer has been offered a gig to shoot a wedding at one point or another, myself included.

Halfway through the ceremony of the first wedding I ever shot, I learned that the bride’s father was an accomplished wedding photographer. As if I wasn’t nervous enough.

Sometime later that evening, this man approached me with a smile and commented on the fact that I hadn’t done anything the way he would have done it.

My only response was to say “that’s because I’m not a wedding photographer”.

At that moment, I had an epiphany: my success during that event would be predicated on the fact that I approached the job like it was an over-sized party,
a fashion shoot or a fine art sitting rather than a wedding; therefore, not producing a traditional or cliche look.

Lo and behold, in my research to find the appropriate photographer for this post, I stumbled upon Taylor Glenn.

Taylor is a North Carolina native who transplanted to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, about ten years ago.

His approach to shooting a wedding is an anomaly, a true deviation from what has become the normal and mundane. It’s modern, it’s elegant and it’s classy.

I think what will continue to separate Taylor from the masses is how he brings his personal work into his wedding photography.

Taylor’s work evokes a sense of environment all while minding careful attention to wide open spaces, back lit scenery, and a strong use of color which undoubtedly bleeds into his wedding photography.

You can view more of his work at or

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