Snow Lodge in Black and white

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the famous Snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park for the very first time.

Anyone who knows me recognizes that Yellowstone has been a strange mistress of mine for many years now.

I have worked several seasons within the interior as well as having lived in it’s border communities on and off since 2006.

What I found most compelling was that scenes that I would render to be completely boring in the summer have a whole new look, life and meaning.

The boardwalks that are jam packed with tourists in July are empty and isolated in February with all but a few cross country skiers.

I spent most of the weekend skiing, photographing and drinking beer with the employees whom many I can call friends.

There is a such as strong sense of quirkiness, camaraderie and community amongst the employees that you don’t find in many places.

They share a strong bond and a love for the outdoors that inspires me like nothing else.

I was actually sad to leave, I must winter here at some point in my life!!!

2 thoughts on “Snow Lodge in Black and white

  1. Great pictures, And I know what you mean. I figure part of the fun for people to go to Old Faithful in the winter is the employees who are stuck there. It is an enchanted place.

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