Capture of the Week: Barrett Hedges


Having spent so many seasons living and working within the interior of Yellowstone National Park, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried my hand at wildlife photography.

About once a year I get a lucky shot but it will take decades worth of shooting for me to have a respectable wildlife portfolio.

Personnally, I don’t have the drive that it takes to consistently produce wildlife imagery, I feel as if I have to many irons in the fire as it is.

Wildlife breeds a certain type of shooter, one who is patient like no other human being, one who tracks carcasses and kills, one who rises before the sun and packs his/her gear late after.

And then there’s Barrett Hedges, he’s probably close to same age as me (26) but has an archive of wildlife imagery that would make you think he’s been doing this for decades.

The above image is taken in Katmai National Park in Alaska in 2009 and is also the 2010 National Geographic Ultimate Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner.

Although he’s based out of TN, he spends the majority of the year traveling and photographing, living more out of his 4Runner than anywhere else he says.

In the next few years he strives to get more assignments for magazines and editorials.

View more of his work at

Enjoy and as always thanks for viewing!!!!!

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