Crossroads: Samuel Shulz


It was a violently stormy Friday afternoon in Cody, Wy when I was accosted by a young man named Samuel Shulz. He asked me if I knew of a good coffee shop and I told him he was a stones throw away from one of the best in town. He admitted that he grew up in Cody but wanted an excuse to speak with me because I looked so approachable.

We went and had a coffee together and he introduced me to his new girl friend who was working as a barista. Samuel currently works a summer job laying concrete in Cody but had been residing in Montana the past few years. He spoke passionately about being an Evangelical Christian and preached the word of God to me in the most non-invasive manner possible. In the hour I spent with Sam we went thrift store shopping, we perused around a local photo gallery and we shared a lengthy rhetoric about love and art, politics and religion. The usual. For being only 22 years old Sam retains the character of a man who is wise beyond his years. His words and his charisma has resonated with me for a month now, you don’t find gems like him everyday.

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