Canyon Collected Interview and GoFundMe Campaign

So I just finished spending the last few weeks on the road with my best friends, my only client and my worst client otherwise known as Canyon Collected. I traveled with them for two weeks having met them in San Francisco then we moved all the way up the coast to Olympic National Park and ultimately they dropped me off in Bozeman where they left to finish off the remainder of their big tour. We produced some music videos, we had a lot of fun, we made some memories that will forever live in infamy. It’s been a pleasure, a privilege and an honor and I can’t wait to make history together. Canyon Collected finishes their big tour the first week of July in Vermont and then heads to recording studio to produce their newest album. We made this little Interview/short doc to try in fill in on some of the details. We need your help and we can’t do it without you. As always I hope you enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to create. Check out their Gofundme campaign In the end all we’re really asking is for you to buy the album in advance and I’m sure there’s some other cool rewards being offered as well. Thanks guys.

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