Leon the Entertainer_Call to Prayer

Hey Guys,

My good friend Leon Elam of Canyon Collected (www.canyoncollected.com) buzzed through Bozeman a few weeks back and lo behold the above video is the first of three installments from our studio session. Thanks a bunch to my good friend Colter Olmstead (www.vectorvisuals.com) for operating one of the cameras as well as recording live sound. Couldn’t have done it without him.


Mountain Outlaw Portrait Photography Contest

Hey Guys,

So a few years ago, I wrote this short caption on my blog highlighting my brief experience with Diamond Leibe in Yellowstone National Park. I submitted the image as well as the caption to Mountain Outlaw’s Portrait Photography Contest and it placed as a finalist. Check out the image below. You can also click this link www.explorebigsky.com/photocontest to vote on it for the peoples choice favorite. If it wins, I get some cool prizes. Therefore, I need your help and I can’t do it without you. The other image below Diamond is my latest cover shot on the first ever issue of Explore Yellowstone Magazine. As always, thanks for viewing.



Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.04.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.06.24 PM

Canyon Collected Interview and GoFundMe Campaign

So I just finished spending the last few weeks on the road with my best friends, my only client and my worst client otherwise known as Canyon Collected. I traveled with them for two weeks having met them in San Francisco then we moved all the way up the coast to Olympic National Park and ultimately they dropped me off in Bozeman where they left to finish off the remainder of their big tour. We produced some music videos, we had a lot of fun, we made some memories that will forever live in infamy. It’s been a pleasure, a privilege and an honor and I can’t wait to make history together. Canyon Collected finishes their big tour the first week of July in Vermont and then heads to recording studio to produce their newest album. We made this little Interview/short doc to try in fill in on some of the details. We need your help and we can’t do it without you. As always I hope you enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to create. Check out their Gofundme campaign http://www.gofundme.com/x6e7g56e. In the end all we’re really asking is for you to buy the album in advance and I’m sure there’s some other cool rewards being offered as well. Thanks guys.

Mountain Outlaw Summer 2014 Tearsheet

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 3.40.38 PM copy-2

This is a new photograph of mine which Mountain Outlaw Magazine just showcased in the Outbound Gallery of their most recent summer spread. 

I took the image on the upper geyser basin in Yellowstone National Park.

Cheers to the art director and designers, I think the layout works great.

2014 Artshow + Live Music from Canyon Collected


Hey All,

Friday September 12th, I am hosting an exhibition of my Fine Art Photography in conjunction with my framer Kenny Gough and Kate Crosby who will be selling and showcasing her custom hand-crafted jewelry.

It’s going down at the historic Baxter Hotel in DT Bozeman in the main event room.

Also, my good friends Canyon Collected are coming all the way from Fort Collins Colorado to play us some fine folk music, check out the music video I just shot for them as well if you haven’t already.

Swing by, check out some new art, listen to some tunes and have a drink with us.


Canyon Collected : Yellowstone Traveler Music Video Premiere

This is Canyon Collected’s world premiere video for their song Yellowstone Traveler.

This song is dedicated to all artists, music lovers, yellowstoners and all around appreciators of nature.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with them and it might have quite possibly been one of the funnest and funniest times of my life.


2014 Timelapse ReeL

My 2014 TL Reel is a compilation of some old work re-tweaked and some new work from the past year or so, joined together with a couple new techniques learned and a motion control rig that was donated to me. Always time consuming, always frustrating and always rewarding. View on vimeo for HD viewing and enjoy.

A Year in Review

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Another year slips through the cracks and I find myself sorting through the photographic evidence trying to make sense of were it all went. A couple weddings and knock on wood, no funerals. A couple festivals, some camping trips, a few days on the slopes, a few gigs (never enough), re-enrolled back in college (god only knows for how long), another vehicle met the scrap yard and to end the year on a high note I was fortunate enough to bring in the new year with my entire family (probably hasn’t happened in a decade). These are a few of my favorite moments from 2013. Thanks for viewing and Happy New Years!!!

Zack and Amanda’s Wedding Album

Zack and Amanda’s Wedding

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A few of my favorite shots from a wedding I shot in Sarasota this past October.

Thanks again and congrats to Zack and Amanda.

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