Crossroads: Diamond Leibe


For the past fours years I’ve worked as a Bell Hop in Yellowstone National Park for the summer season. Like clock work Diamond arrives in the park sometime mid July and always has me assist her with her luggage. She visited Yellowstone via train for the first time in 1938 when she was seven year old. She grew up in the Jewish community of Pikesville, Maryland which is a suburb of Baltimore. Diamond is a retired Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, a mother of one, a grandmother of two and has been a widow for past 10 years. She always travels alone and considers herself to be a Geyser Gazer. I get the feeling she picks one Geyser a day and waits patiently for hours until it erupts. She plans on returning next year.

Liz and Christian’s Wedding

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Last month I had the pleasure and privilege of attending one of my best friends weddings.

What a blast!!!

These are a few of my favorite shots but there are more to come.


Art Walk


Hey All,

My best buddy and I ( Kenny Gough ) are putting on an exhibition of fine art photography/ woodwork at the Baxter Hotel ( downtown Bozeman ) this Friday from 6 -8.

Also joining us is IndepeDance, a local independent Dance troupe who will be performing eight pieces, including salsa, hip hop, jazz, tribal fusion, lyrical and ballet.

Naturally, there will be booze for sale so if good art and dance isn’t enough for you then we always have that going for us.


Mountain Outlaw Tear Sheet


This is a tearsheet from the summer issue of Mountain Outlaw Magazine which is a product of Explore Big Sky Publishing Co.

For being a free editorial I have always been in awe of the quality of work they produce.

One of the finer publications in the great state of Montana.


Crossroads: Samuel Shulz


It was a violently stormy Friday afternoon in Cody, Wy when I was accosted by a young man named Samuel Shulz. He asked me if I knew of a good coffee shop and I told him he was a stones throw away from one of the best in town. He admitted that he grew up in Cody but wanted an excuse to speak with me because I looked so approachable.

We went and had a coffee together and he introduced me to his new girl friend who was working as a barista. Samuel currently works a summer job laying concrete in Cody but had been residing in Montana the past few years. He spoke passionately about being an Evangelical Christian and preached the word of God to me in the most non-invasive manner possible. In the hour I spent with Sam we went thrift store shopping, we perused around a local photo gallery and we shared a lengthy rhetoric about love and art, politics and religion. The usual. For being only 22 years old Sam retains the character of a man who is wise beyond his years. His words and his charisma has resonated with me for a month now, you don’t find gems like him everyday.

Capture of the Week: Lynn Donaldson

Photographer Lynn Donaldson ‘Gets Lost’ in Montana from Lynn Donaldson on Vimeo.

Lynn Donaldson is a mother, a freelance photographer and a journalist of all that resides off the beaten path.

If I were define Lynn’s work in a singular label I would say Americana.

She renders life, which is all about balance and timing in fine detail with an editorial and photo-journalistic finesse.

Her work is heavily influenced by the landscape that she inhabits as well as the culture of her native people.

While specializing in Food, Travel and Lifestyle she says that in all of her experience “food is the quickest way to discover the essence of a place”.

Lynn recently shot a cookbook “Open Range” by Jay Bentley & Patrick Dillon and is currently shooting her second cookbook written by Carole Sullivan of Mustang Catering in Livingston MT.

Although she boasts a rolodex of high-end clients (New York Times, Travel + Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, Sunset, People, Fortune, Forbes etc…) her body of work as well as her lifestyle appears to be as humble as pie.

View more of her imagery at and as always thanks for viewing.

Capture of the Week: Barrett Hedges


Having spent so many seasons living and working within the interior of Yellowstone National Park, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried my hand at wildlife photography.

About once a year I get a lucky shot but it will take decades worth of shooting for me to have a respectable wildlife portfolio.

Personnally, I don’t have the drive that it takes to consistently produce wildlife imagery, I feel as if I have to many irons in the fire as it is.

Wildlife breeds a certain type of shooter, one who is patient like no other human being, one who tracks carcasses and kills, one who rises before the sun and packs his/her gear late after.

And then there’s Barrett Hedges, he’s probably close to same age as me (26) but has an archive of wildlife imagery that would make you think he’s been doing this for decades.

The above image is taken in Katmai National Park in Alaska in 2009 and is also the 2010 National Geographic Ultimate Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner.

Although he’s based out of TN, he spends the majority of the year traveling and photographing, living more out of his 4Runner than anywhere else he says.

In the next few years he strives to get more assignments for magazines and editorials.

View more of his work at

Enjoy and as always thanks for viewing!!!!!

Capture of the Week: Trey Ratcliff


In the past few years the application of HDR Imagery has taken the digital world by storm.

Some love it, some hate it, as is life.

The narrow dynamic range of digital sensors has limitations as did film and one could easily argue that similar techniques have been around for decades.

In 1856, Gustave Le Grey was quite possibly the first photographer to composite two images in order to achieve detail in both land and sky in his famous landscape titled The Great Wave.

Ansel Adams helped pioneer the zone system which enabled him to attain the highest possible tonal range in his large format prints.

The use of filtration whether that be Polarizer, Split Neutral Density or Color has been applied to imagery for decades as well.

I have personally never done an official HDR image, mostly due to the fact that I feel as if I achieve a proper dynamic range through the use of filtration and subtle processing but I appreciate the technique when applied skillfully, realistically and in moderation.

The process has been mislabeled as a grungy gimmick and has gotten it’s bad rap due to so many photographers who over-saturate, over-sharpen and over-season their final print.

A sin I’m sure were all guilty off at one point or another.

The above photo belongs to Trey Ratcliff, a world renowned Travel Photographer, a true master of the process that is HDR and the creator of


Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek from Ethan Confer on Vimeo.

Essentially, I wanted to create a promo for my framed fine art photography.

It started out with me taking still photographs and I quickly became frustrated with the concept of creating 2 dimensional images of a product that’s already flat.

With the inspiration of my uncle Steve and one of his recent time-lapse video’s ( it became apparent that my subject needed to be transcended into motion.

Six weeks later I have a finished product!!!!


Capture of the Week: Justin Majeczsky

I think its safe to say that digital is here for good and it has changed the playing ground for all parties involved.

We are now shooting medium format on 35mm bodies and the integration of motion picture and still photography has changed the digital landscape forever.

It’s indisputable that the low cost of consumer camera equipment has made digital imaging readily available to the masses and has ultimately saturated the market place.

Although this great change has created new challenges it’s also opened new possibilities and in the professional realm has yielded what I call the Nuclear Photographer.

I believe the day when one could solely rely on a single niche has sailed into the distance.

There are more and more content providers selling themselves as full service studios who are equipped to function across multiple platforms.

One prime example of this concept is Justin Majeczky, a Sacramento, Reno and Lake Tahoe based multimedia specialist who is adept in photo, video, web, branding, design and marketing.

View Justins demo reel above and more of his work can be seen at !!!

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